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BUIRA Conference 2017- Register Now!

BUIRA Conference 2017- Register Now!

Registration is OPEN click here to register and here to view the outline conference programme.

British Universities Industrial Relations Association Annual Conference:

The Changing Face of Industrial Relations: New Borders, New Frontiers

University of Portsmouth, Wednesday 28th - Friday 30th June 2017

Guest speakers include:

Professor Charles Woolfson (Linköping University) and Hannah Reed (Trades Union Congress) on the implications of ‘Brexit’ for employment relations

Mags Dewhurst (Independent Workers Union of Great Britain) and Alex Wood (Oxford University) on the ‘gig economy’ and employment relations

The Conference Dinner venue is located in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Further information about the conference, including an outline of the conference programme, is available on this page:

Registration for the conference is open until 9th June only using the link on this page:

17th May 2017