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pre-conference doctoral session on Critical Friendship in Employment Relations

This year the British Universities Industrial Relations Association is organising a pre-conference doctoral session on Critical Friendship in Employment Relations, which will take place on the 28th June from 9.00-13.00 in Portsmouth.


The will be led by Professor Melanie Simms (University of Leicester), Editor in Chief ‘Work Employment and Society’. The session is an exercise in critical friendship where all participants circulate a piece of written work which is then discussed in a supportive and collaborative environment. The piece of written work does NOT have to be a full conference paper (submissions can be as short as the participant wishes). It can be a section of a chapter, a draft paper or any document to discuss with peers.


This is a unique opportunity to get to know fellow PhD students, exercise critical thinking and receive constructive feedback.


The deadline for submission of written work is FRIDAY 9th JUNE 2017. Submissions should be made via e-mail:

17th May 2017