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Workers in the Modern Economy- Aspects of Flexibility – Call for Papers

Workers in the Modern Economy- Aspects of Flexibility

Group for Employment Law and Policy

8th International Conference, Kingston University, May 11th 2018

One Day Conference

Flexible work has become a key factor in modern labour markets in a globalised economy. But this flexibility comes at a heavy price for many modern workers. Greater flexibility in the choice of job and working time may mean lower job security, higher income volatility and less access to social protection. And for business, lower labour costs and wider access to global labour can diminish human capital.

Digital technology now brings a new challenge to the very organisation of work itself, transforming workers into business partners in multiple online networks.

What are the challenges and opportunities to employment in this new economy? How can labour respond to changes in how capital is developing? The high profile cases mounted against Uber, e-Courier and the like regarding the legal basis of ‘gig’ style working indicate a fight back. Innovations in business organisation demand new ways of thinking about work itself.

This conference aims to explore the multiple issues that arise from the new flexibilities and insecurities in a modern economy. Papers are invited on all aspects of labour and social security in the new world of work.

Abstracts of approx. 200 words should be sent to Professor Michael Wynn by 28 March, 2018.


Deadline for abstracts: 28 March 2018. Contributions invited from all disciplines. 

8th March 2018