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Can the Future of Work become its past?

Interdisciplinary research seminars on WORK, first semester 2019, to mark the 100th

anniversary of the ILO (1919-2019), organised by the Contact Group FNRS– Work and social

emancipation (Belgium)

Can the Future of Work become its past?

Call for papers

Texts should not be longer than 5 pages (2500 words). They can be

written in English or French, working languages of the study days.

The aim of these texts should be to encourage the debate, on the basis

of specific data and observations or of a broader synthesis, and not the present descriptive

literature reviews.

Return abstracts submissions (200-250 words): 15 October 2018


Corinne GOBIN

Maître de recherche du FNRS à l'ULB


Directrice du GRAID

Institut de Sociologie

44, av. Jeanne

1050 Bruxelles

Tél.: 32-2-6504915

Fax.: 32-2-6503521

1st October 2018