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PhD Scholarship: Digitalisation and the Future of Work: Platforms, Networks, and Workers

PhD Scholarship: Digitalisation and the Future of Work: Platforms, Networks, and Workers


This PhD scholarship offers three years’ funding, including tuition fees and a stipend of approximately £15,000 per year for candidates wishing to commence their studies in September 2019. The successful candidate will also receive a generous research support and conference allowance. You will also have access to a robust doctoral research training programme, dedicated research resources, training in transferable skills, visiting speaker seminar programme, and associate with existing research centres and groups.

The Project

The gig economy and platform-based working is increasingly being debated as an illustration of the impact of technology on the future world of work. This project will investigate platform-based working as a form of work organisation and investigate working practices and experiences. The focus will be on the under-researched area of intermediary firms, who have emerged to provide a bridge between workers and clients, filtering work requests to the platform. These emerging networks create long supply chains, many of which contain the features of fragmented and globally dispersed production. The research will adopt a case study approach to enable an in-depth exploration of the key issues. Research will involve the network itself as well as the experiences of workers in order to study the interaction and complex links between the two. Detailed research will enable an appreciation of the complex social units in terms of organising and operational principles, governance issues, power and social relations, and working conditions.

The candidate will be supervised from within the Work and Equalities Institute (WEI), alongside the Institute’s broader research interests concerning the future of work.

31st January 2019