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Covid-19 and Call/Contact Centre Workers: Intermediate Report

Covid-19 and Call/Contact Centre Workers: Intermediate Report:
Analysis (descriptive statistics) of the first 2,700 or so responses. These respondents delivered an incredible amount of qualitative evidence (200,000 words) in volunteered responses to an open question. The findings make for grim reading. The latest ‘intermediate’ report from the study which is beginning to get some traction, but more importantly targeted evidence-based reports are being used by unions to intervene in workplaces where risks are severe and workers are reporting high levels of illness and deaths.
Please distribute the survey link  through your networks and to students, to anyone who may now anyone who works in a call centre. We need more data as BTW and BAU (back to work) and (business as usual) murmurs grow louder when this will mean for contact centre and back office workers a return to workplaces replete with dangers. 

11th May 2020