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Special Issue: Trade Unions, Climate Change and Just Transition EJIR


European Journal of Industrial Relations: Volume 26 number 4 2020

Special Issue: Trade Unions, Climate Change and Just Transition

This special issue presents articles about the strategies and actions adopted by labour and unions to reduce carbon emissions. Industrial relations scholarship, which has been slow to address the climate emergency, has focussed on the jobs versus environment dilemma, the role of unions, technical innovation versus social unionism, and just transition approaches. While labour and union approaches in different sectors across Europe are largely confined to variants of ecological modernization, a more proactive transformative strategy opening up an alternative eco-socialist vision for the future is emerging. The issue highlights the contradictions in union strategies, the drivers of change and the way forward in pursuance of a green economy through a focus on the roles of government and the public sector, the organization of labour and the labour process, and education and training in different sectors and European countries.



9th October 2020