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Ed Heery BUIRA Special Webinar on May 19th 4:00 PM – 5:15 PM

Reflections by Ed Heery - 40 Years as an Industrial Relationist

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This Special BUIRA Webinar welcomes Professor Emeritus Edmund Heery, who will discuss his reflections of 40 years as an 'Industrial Relationist'.

Edmund Heery is Professor Emeritus of Employment Relations at Cardiff Business School

Ed proposes to cover three topics:

1. Review his own work and identify the main themes within it focusing on the work he has done on a) pay, b) unions, c) new actors, d) reviewing the field.

2. Reflect on changes in the field that he has encountered in his 40 years as an Industrial Relationist.

3. Some speculation on current developments in the real world of IR: a) neo-paternalism amongst employers, b) the resilience of the labour movement and its imperviousness to arguments about renewal, c) the possible emergence of a more active state - identifying where we are seeing this and what form it takes.

Prof. Edmund Heery - Biography

Edmund Heery is Professor Emeritus at Cardiff Business School, where he worked for 25 years before retiring in December 2020. Ed began his career at North East London Polytechnic (now UEL) in 1980, working as a researcher on payment systems in the coalmining industry, led by Christine Edwards. Subsequently, we worked at the LSE, City University, Imperial College, and Kingston University before joining Cardiff in 1995. Over a long career Ed Heery has researched a variety of issues within UK industrial relations and published widely. He is the author of three monographs, Management Control and Union Power: A Study of Labour Relations in Coalmining (with Christine Edwards), Working for the Union: British Trade Union Officers (with John Kelly), and Framing Work: Unitary, Pluralist and Critical Perspectives in the 21st Century. A fourth monograph, The Real Living Wage: Civil Regulation and the Employment Relationship (with Deborah Hann and David Nash) will be published shortly by Oxford University Press. Ed continues to be an active researcher, despite retirement, and this latest book will present the findings of an extended case study of the UK’s Living Wage campaign.

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7th April 2021