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IREC 2019

IREC 2019

The 2019 IREC conference will be held on 2-3 September at the University of Bielefeld, with the theme ‘Transnational Labour Markets and Industrial Relations’.
The date is immediately before the ILERA European conference in Düsseldorf, which is a 2-hour train ride from Bielefeld.
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‘Researching (In)equalities at Work’: Postgraduate Researchers’ Methods Symposium

Researching (In)equalities at Work’: Postgraduate Researchers’ Methods Symposium

Organised by The Work and Equalities Institute (WEI), Alliance Manchester Business School and funded by The British Sociological Association (BSA)

Date: Friday, 5th April 2019

Time: 8.50am — 7pm

Venue: Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS), The University of Manchester, Booth Street West, Manchester M15 6PB


In recent years, there has been an increasing need for doctoral students working in the area of work and employment to research (in)equalities at work. This requires a complex set of skills, not traditionally taught in PGR training programmes. This daylong symposium will attempt to provide the tools which are needed to conduct this type of research, including the use of secondary data such as the Labour Force Survey and the Family Resources Survey. In addition to this, experienced researchers from the field will share their insights into how they conduct research on inequalities, ranging from gaining access to participants and organisations to how to undertake research on  sensitive topics. The day will culminate with a panel discussion led by practitioners who deal with these work inequalities issues on a daily basis.


Keynote Speaker: Professor Ken McPhail (Deputy Head of School and Director of Research, AMBS)


Theme 1: “Accessing and utilising existing data”

Dr Sarah King-Hele (UKDS) and Dr Anthony Rafferty (AMBS) will discuss the practicalities of accessing and utilising existing large data sources useful for studying work equalities.


Theme 2: “Accessing organisations and participants”

Dr Sheena Johnson (AMBS), Dr Mathew Johnson (AMBS) and Professor Miguel Martinez Lucio (AMBS) will discuss how to approach and discuss sensitive issues with organisational gatekeepers, including methods of accessing underrepresented populations (e.g., vulnerable workers, those living in precarious circumstances).


Theme 3: “Undertaking research on sensitive topics”

Dr Lucy Webb (MMU), Dr Jo Cartwright (London Metropolitan), Dr Robert Akparibo (University of Sheffield) and Dr Clare Mumford (AMBS) will share the tools to approach topics related to equalities with appropriate respect and understanding. This will include ethical methods for accessing sensitive issues through the use of co-production and ethnography, among other techniques.


Theme 4: “Voices from the Field”

The day will culminate with a panel discussion in which Dave Perfect (Equality and Human Rights Commission), Karen Lewis (GMB), Lisa Ryan (GMB) and Rosi Avis (Citizens Advice Manchester) will discuss the key issues faced by workers which they encounter on a daily basis.

Registration fee: £5 (BSA members), £15 (non-members) (including lunch, refreshments and drinks reception)


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Seminar on Public Sector Pay and Employment

Public Sector Pay and Employment

The Centre for Research in Employment and Work (CREW) is holding a symposium on Public Sector Pay and Employment on Wed 20th March 2019 from 1-6 pm at Hamilton House, The University of Greenwich.

This seminar comes at a critical time for the public sector.


After nearly a decade of pay restraint in the UK public sector, pay settlements are now being reached at higher levels than the previous 1% limit. The Government has tried to restrict the first post-cap increases, but faced with recruitment and retention difficulties, especially in the NHS, in schools and elsewhere, there are upward pressures that cannot be ignored. This symposium will examine aspects of Government Policy, employee relations and pay and reward strategies in the context of a post-1% world. It will examine pay rises, progression pay, staff shortages and skill requirements across large parts of the public sector.

This symposium brings together a strong range of speakers with expertise on how pay decisions are made and the pressures experienced by negotiators, and key issues related to reward and to the current and future skill requirements in the public sector.

Ken Mulkearn, Director, Incomes Data Research – ‘Pay developments in the public and private sectors 2018/19’.
Nicola Allison, Remuneration adviser to the Office of Manpower Economics – ‘Pay developments in the Pay Review Body world and evidence-based research’.
David Powell, Lead Officer, Pay Policy and Negotiations for the National Education Union – ‘Pay and progression for teachers in schools and academies’.
Paul Wallace, Director of Employment Relations and Reward for the NHS Employers – ‘The current three-year pay agreement and the skill and people requirements of the NHS’.
Simon Pannell, Principal Adviser (Employment and Negotiations) Local Government Association – ‘Pay and skill requirements in local government’.
Professor Ian Kessler, Kings College, London – ‘Reward and skill requirements into the 2020s’.

Chaired by Alastair Hatchett Visiting Fellow, CREW, University of Greenwich. Alastair was previously Head of Pay Services at Incomes Data Services.


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