Submit Abstract
If your abstract is accepted you will need to be a member of BUIRA in order to present and attend the conference.

For any of the first three formats you may co-ordinate your paper with other potential presenters prior to submitting a proposal, or we can group papers accordingly follow abstract submission.

Submission of Abstract

Please upload a detailed abstract of 500 words (abstracts falling shorter than this may be rejected).

If you have co-ordinated a proposal for a themed discussion, discussion and response session or symposium, please provide a 1000 word overview of the session followed by a 500 word abstract for each paper in the session.

Abstracts must contain the following six elements, if they do not they may be rejected:

  • 1. Title.
  • 2. A clear summary of the paper.
  • 3. A clear indication of the literatures the paper will engage with.
  • 4. The methods adopted.
  • 5. A clear conclusion.
  • 6. Short indicative bibliography.

Please upload a Word file using Ariel font, 12pt and double-lined spaced - do not include your name or anything that identifies you.

BUIRA offers a prize at conference for the best paper in the early career category (PhDs and 2 years post doc). Please indicate if you would like your paper to be considered for the prize.