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Dedicated forums for BUIRA members and associates

Equality and Diversity in Work and Employment BUIRA Study Group

The Equality and Diversity in Work and Employment Study Group is a dedicated forum for BUIRA members and associates to discuss issues related to equality and diversity in work and employment, as well as cognate topics (e.g. intersectionality, inclusiveness).

The group aims to collectively shape the research agenda in this area within the field of industrial and employment relations. The group is formed by a network of academics and practitioners with an interest and work in the area of equality and diversity in work and employment. The group organises events and meetings throughout the year that bring together speakers and participants from a range of disciplines and institutions.

The agenda of events and meetings is driven by the interests of members and associates, and the thematic focus reflects the key areas of research and practice in, as well as current issues facing the area of equality and diversity in industrial and employment relations.

For more information, please contact the conveners of the study group: Jenny Rodriguez at and Ana Lopes at

Central London BUIRA Study Group

The Central London branch of BUIRA meets regularly in the course of the year, each time in the Westminster Business School of the University of Westminster. The meetings take the form of a seminar addressing key current issues, national and international.

The sessions are often very well attended by BUIRA members and by those with an interest in industrial relations in the London area, including from universities, trade unions and employer associations. Speakers and participants come from a range of different disciplines and organisations and many are very expert in the particular topic discussed.

We meet on the last Friday morning of the month, with coffee available from 10.15 and a sandwich lunch provided from 12.30. This gives ample opportunity to discuss the presentation from invited speakers and matters of common interest, as well as to just catch up with friends.

The programme aims to give fresh insights into current issues, to present new approaches to the subject of industrial relations, and to discuss important research in the area - whether in Britain or farther afield, particularly on mainland Europe.

For information, please contact: Professor Linda Clarke,

BUIRA History of Industrial Relations Study Group

If you are interested in any aspect of industrial relations history and how historical developments have influenced the present-day conduct of employment relations, you’ll find this Study Group stimulating and thought-provoking.

It has been meeting regularly since 2010, generally at the Westminster Business School of the University of Westminster (Marylebone Road). We aim to hold three or four meetings a year covering a wide range of topics from both the UK and abroad. One strand of our seminars examines the history of particular sectors, such as the Post Office, shipbuilding, engineering and the armed services, while another has focused on disputes including the Wapping dispute, the miners’ strike and the strike of Ford sewing machinists in 1968.

We have also investigated the ongoing implications of significant changes in labour legislation, such as the Trade Union Act 1913, the Trade Union Act 1927 and the Employment Act 1982. Every summer, in partnership with the Oral History Society and Britain at Work, we also hold an oral labour history day that brings together oral historians from across the country to discuss ideas and projects, generally against a background theme, which has included the Grunwicks strike, factory occupations and the so-called ‘winter of discontent’.

Our seminars are usually held on a weekday afternoon, from around 17.00-19.00, and attract academics, practitioners and everyone with a general interest in history. Coffee is available when you arrive and – courtesy of the University of Westminster – drinks and nibbles are provided at the end to encourage informal discussion. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed.

Please keep an eye out on the BUIRA Newsletter for information about forthcoming meetings, or e-mail Linda Clarke or Michael Gold (School of Management, Royal Holloway University of London):

BUIRA International & Comparative Employment Relations Study Group

The BUIRA International & Comparative Employment Relations Study Group organises study group meetings and seminars currently based in Keele Management School, Keele University. Past seminars have explored issues including global integration and corporate capitalism; employee representation at the transnational level; internationalisation of labour markets, migration and trade union organising; and industrial relations in China.

Following presentations by one or more speakers, the sessions provide ample opportunities for discussion. For information, please contact Dr Carola Weissmeyer (

BUIRA Scotland Study Group

The BUIRA Scotland Study group launched in 2021 and is based at the Department of Work, Employment and Organisation at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

The group exists to bring together academics and other stakeholders to promote the academic field of employment relations in Scotland and beyond. The group is interested in pressing employment relations matters in Scotland, the UK, and internationally.

We hold events and meetings each academic year, driven by contemporary issues and member interests. For more information about the study group please follow us on Twitter @buirascotland, look out for updates in the BUIRA newsletter or contact